I journal…years of deeply personal words…they reveal everything and nothing…thoughts both random and sequential…imagined and true…hopeless and hopeful…

So why open my heart and soul to you now…in a blog? This new journey…fueled by passion for life…fear of the unknown…and hope for a future is one I think may be worth sharing! I will leave it to you to decide.

This new journey is about LIVING with cancer.

One does not choose cancer…cancer chooses you.

I did not want this…did not expect it. Yet now I have a case number, a chart number, a stage number and years are numbered. It is redefining me. I open my heart and soul to share what cancer is teaching me…you are welcome to join me on this new journey…

“My Journey” is where you’ll find my writing about my experiences with cancer.

“Music Mondays” features some of my favorite music, compelling arrangements, music with a story to tell.

“Life is Beautiful” is all about things that make me happy!