Life is Beautiful · My Journey

This is living with cancer!

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”   – Proverbs 31:25

Without loss or sacrifice, it’s hard to appreciate what we have.  I know this.  And so I celebrate what I have on the two-year anniversary of my stem cell transplant.

Since my transplant, I’ve welcomed two granddaughters, Mila Grace and Vivian Jane…adorable, strong, happy and surrounded by love.  I delight in the joy my grandson Reid gives me, who at four (almost five), loves to read and sing, swim in the lake with me and makes me laugh.  I cherish each walk and swim I am able to do.  It makes me stronger and is a platform to  raise awareness and money for the research needed to find a cure for multiple myeloma.  I have emptied closets and emptied the burden that the accumulation of stuff brings with it.  I’ve learned to sit still and simply enjoy living between the sunrises.  My hubby and I have surfed and walked on beaches in Hawaii and played golf in the desert.  I learned to pilot the Millennium Falcon.  I’ve quilted memories for family and friends with renewed creative energy.  Celebrated two more birthdays and two more anniversaries.  Had every hairstyle, from bald, to curly to straight!  And, I officially retired from a fulfilling career at Boeing.

Hope is my fuel, rooted in faith that God has orchestrated the perfect symphony that is my life.  It is a beautiful arrangement of fun, love, and peace that comforts me…I have no fear of the future.  So this new journey continues and at two years post-transplant, I can confidently say…life is good…it is very, very good!

Two years…

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